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Twitter C4mlann

Keine Sorge, denn C4mlann, einer der sachkundigsten und könnt ihr auf Twitch, Twitter und YouTube mehr von C4mlann finden. Teilen. Die drei Gaming-Expertinnen und -Experten, C4mlann, Miss Rage und Tinkerleo, haben uns in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz getroffen und in. Keine Sorge, denn C4mlann, einer der sachkundigsten und könnt ihr auf Twitch, Twitter und YouTube mehr von C4mlann finden.

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Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. c4mlann, cadaea, callmekevin, captainashbacon, charlescimeaurant. chefstrobel​, chiefouwedibbes, chimmtv, cohony, colas_bim. Interactive heatmap of all C4mlann broadcasts on Twitch with detailed , , , , [DE] ladder + $5, - Pro League!twitter!roccat #Werbung.

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Watch all of C4mlann's best archives, VODs, and highlights on Twitch. Find their latest Hearthstone streams and much more right here. C4mlann shared a post. See more of C4mlann on Facebook. Log In. With realtime analytics, you can watch c4mlann's follower count live. The counter is updated every 2 seconds and gives you a real time snap shot of this streamers follower count. Zwei Welten, viele Gemeinsamkeiten: Gaming und Accenture. Bewährte Teamplayer und immer auf der Suche nach neuen Herausforderungen. Melden Sie sich für individuellen Support an. This will navigate you to Accenture. I honestly Damen Biathlon Heute lost a little respect for the guy. How can we help? Not just vods? Opening a support case is easy. They will make me create more Running Virtuelle Geldbörse Online-Banking - Twosathom6. Power Suit Pants. Suggested Games Previous. I really like the casual feeling of the tournament. Browsergame 1914 expected downvotes are more than warranted. I feel you're being far too over critical. You know, here in Europe, wearing such headdresses isn't much of a big deal.

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Anke und Reto sprechen über Teamwork und die Rolle ihrer Gemeinschaft. Phase Stalkers earn their keep in the first couple Unturned Gambling turns while it still counts and the extra draw lets me just keep firing. Suave Shirt. I know everyone loves Tracking but I dropped those in favor of more Wettgutschein and another Whelp. There are no results for your request.
Twitter C4mlann Welcome to the Red Bull Twitch channel! Get ready to find the most entertaining esports, gaming and non-gaming live streams right here. HeyGuys C4mlann here, I haven't posted decks here for a while, but had an insane climb with Dragon hunter on (shortly after Wing3 Galakrond's Awakening got released) and thought, I might share it. Took the deck from rank5 to Legend and almost top50 Legend on the APAC server in one take with around 80% Winrate. Played Shirvalla Paladin to Legend after Nerfs and win streaked all the way to #9. No stats available as HDT was down. Another Shrink Ray might be better if some bunnies are around. Es sind 10 Tage seit dem Erscheinen der neuen Hearthstone Erweiterung "Kobolde & Katakomben" erschienen und wir werfen einen Blick über die neu entstandene Meta. Drei neue Karten tun sich hierbei. Midrange Hunter Hunter deck, played by C4mlann in Hearthstone, Saviors of Uldum.

Seatstory Cup is all about having fun after all. Lol, I barely know the guy and have never watched his stream.

This is the first event of Hearthstone I'm watching live. Only reason I know him is because his missed lethal is mentioned a lot on reddit.

Was just giving my 2c as an outsider. To me it seems like they do it because twitch chat loves it and they like to have a designated punching bag.

The tournament is supposed to be the main event. If the players just come here to lose quickly because of the party. Then, do a 3rd channel and show the party.

Or next time, don't invite the players who lost in the group stage 1. New faces will be welcome instead of the wintrade players.

My favorite tournament of the year so far. Lots of recognizable players and good players, set up well, entertaining casting, etc.

It was really fun to watch. He hit face like twice and didn't hero power once in 9 tuns. I really like RDU's honesty about plays and possible outs. Forsen should be the face of competitive hearthstone, lets discuss this play - "i just wanted to yolo there".

I have no clue why anyone allows Reckful to cast. Sounds completely bored, mumbling, as well as his usual not so classy jokes.

What an embarrassment. I completely disagree. This is the least serious tourney of the year and I don't think he sounds bored at all.

Reckful mumbles a little in general all the time, and it's not that bad. He just stumbles on his words a bit.

Seriously, if there's ever a tournament that Reckful can cast it's this one. I feel you're being far too over critical.

I like the non-serious aspect of it just as much as the next guy, but appealing to the humor of a bunch of 2 year olds with the whole 'Chat, he said it', simply because Naga sounds like the 'N' word, yeah.

Give me all the downvotes, call me a SJW, I don't care, it has absolutely zero place. Im just watching Eloise vs Terrence quest mage vs quest warrior.

They were actually on point calling out Eloise's misplay when she threw the game by pinging a minion instead of face and then lacked the dmg to close it.

Other than that: Seatstory is exactly about this kind of casting, that's why it gets such high viewer numbers when the general number of viewers is going down atm see Hafu's post.

I'm looking forward to this tournament all year : It gets even funnier when half the cast is drunk but maybe you shouldn't watch if you don't like this type of tournament.

They did seem not to notice the fact that in spite of that she still would have won if the rag shot had hit face.

Yea, I get it. For me personally, I like that it isn't the same as all the vanilla Blizzard casts. I honestly would rather them have cast the entire last match of that set watching him Yo-Yo.

Audio cast of the game, and video of some sick Sottle tricks. Or swap out the player pictures to that Mario Kart "tournament".

Because you're not going to get that in any other HS tournament. You'll get "Oh boy, he sure did pick a good card from that Glyph!

What a splendid 8 mana Pyroblast! Best tournament by far. Memes, so many pro players, great casting, just an absolute blast.

Watch it if you like competitive hearthstone and memes. It's the only tournament I see and I am like "wow I want to be there, this looks so cool" Really enjoying the streams Yep I always make it a priority to watch SSC.

My favorite HS tourney by far. Smaller field so you're always getting top notch players and the casting is fantastic.

It was for the 'Beat the Pro' contest. You play any deck you like against one of the Seatstory competitors playing an autofill deck.

Hope you saw frodan wear an even bigger headdress. You know, here in Europe, wearing such headdresses isn't much of a big deal.

In fact, native american clothings male and female, including headdresses are one of the most popular carnival costumes here.

Blame Karl May and the Winnetou movies. Well I hope you fight for Native and Black Americans but also Muslims and other social wrongs irl as rigorously as you do here on reddit.

Its a freaking costume, its not racist beacuse it doesnt imply superiority or inferiority of any race. Blackface isnt racist in europe because 1.

It doesnt intend on demeaning any race. Historically it wasnt even meant to be demeaning, just ignorance of the colony times, when people tought it would be easier to connect with the african people if they had the same color.

Yeah, major minus there. With the new card Winged Guardian ramp druid is actually busted! I am so hyped for this! Watch the first chapter of the new solo adventure, this time t That's how!

Control Shaman is the perfect answer! Playing on the EU ladder, let's have a chat! Hearthstone Descent of Dragons - If you want to destroy some highlander decks as well as resurrection Priests, this is the deck for you!

Hearthstone Descent of Dragons - Token Druid is a thing since Vanilla, but with the new nerfs and the treant army it's still playable in !

Playing Malygos Rogue on the EU ladder, let's have a chat! Ancharrr nerf? Please submit a support ticket and tell us how we can help you.

Still Looking for help? Email us your issue or chat with an expert Sign in to open a support case. Close Refine your search Select Platform Loading Select Game Loading All Games.

Clear Field. Suggested Games Previous. I only have the gameplay somewhere in my twitch VODS on my twitch page.

Two copies of Stormhammer are just right tbh. I like tracking a lot as 1 helps you finding lethal in the end and 2 helps you finding dragon synergy and 3 helps you finding the OP cards.

Wouldn't change it. If you cut a trap, it highly depends on the meta - 1 Freezing Trap is the thing I did cut first. I think Uleash is pretty good atm as it helps the MU vs Warlock and has also very good stats vs Rogues.

I did cut freezing trap for same reasons lately again. Yeah, lost a lot yesterday as well. streaming Hearthstone (+ Legend). Consultant. Business inquiries. [email protected] Following. Follower. Tweets. Check out this Assassin's Creed Valhalla stream from 4 days ago. Turn on Notifications. [DE] Nacktfischen und Wettsaufen!AzuB!roccat #Werbung. C4mlann. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. Die drei Gaming-Expertinnen und -Experten, C4mlann, Miss Rage und Tinkerleo, haben uns in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz getroffen und in.


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